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Actors & Musicians Motorcycle Riding Club

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The AMRC of Los Angeles, California was founded with the sole purpose of giving actors and musicians who share a common interest in motorcycles, a community in which to share that passion. Though we do not call ourselves a "motorcycle club", and instead a "riding club", this is done out of respect for true outlaw and 1% motorcycle clubs throughout the world. Our bylaws represent our beliefs and organizational structure and we hold these very dear to our hearts.

All riders must ride AMRC approved motorcycles. Approved bikes consist of Harley-Davidson, Triumph, or Victory (cruiser or touring models) only.

Though the AMRC is not a 1% or outlaw club, we hold a deep respect for those clubs, and take involvement in the AMRC very seriously. We follow strict bylaws and always put club first.

Who Can Join The AMRC?

You must be a working actor or musician, crew member, or be otherwise directly involved in the entertainment industry, and own/ride an AMRC approved motorcycle. Membership in the AMRC is not for the faint of heart. You must be willing to forgo any egos or preconceptions and commit yourself to the AMRC and its brothers.

Visit our membership page to learn more.